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AdvisorRoadmap™ Virtual Training Platform…

Acquire New Clients On-Demand, Elevate Existing Client Value, And Dominate In The New Era Of The Financial Advisor!


“Before I started working with Bachrach & Associates, Inc. I was charging $3K per client, now I am charging $45K per client. My current total revenue is $1,250,000 per year… – Sang K

Master the 4 Key Concentrations of a Top Financial Planning Business

What AdvisorRoadmap™ Virtual Training Members Have to Say…

Discover how the AdvisorRoadmap™ Virtual training has helped top financial advisors build 7-figure businesses

Get An Inside Look!

Go at your own pace…

This powerful platform is setup for you to learn at your own pace. Each course is a building block to transforming your financial planning business!


Cutting Edge Training and Templates

Learn Anytime, Anywhere, From Any Device

Thousands of dollars in Bonus Material Included!


I’m going to cut to the chase…

You are the “Rainmaker” of your business. You can pay someone else to write plans, take care of the mechanics of your business (legal, accounting, technical, etc.).

But, you can’t delegate Client Acquisition!

Your competitive advantage starts with being able to get clients on-demand, regardless of the economic or political climate. In fact, getting clients is your #1 job.

Let me take you a bit deeper…

Your future clients are currently being serviced by other advisers, “robo-advisers”, or they are not doing anything at all.

You’re going to have to be compelling enough to get these people to talk to you, hire you, and fire their other options.

Once you get the client you will need to serve, lead, and hold them accountable to implement their financial plan.

…And Pay you (handsomely, I might add).

The AdvisorRoadmap™ Virtual training provides engaging and interactive courses that will replicate what actually happens in real life situations.

You will learn a proven system and be equipped to practice the system with your new prospects and existing clients, much like a workshop, but at your own pace, on your own time, right from your office or home (even on the road).

Once you register, you’ll get instant access to…

  • Become a client acquistion machine…Have more engaging, meaningful conversations with anyone, anywhere! And, bring on new clients as full-service financial planning clients from the very beginning.
  • Master the follow-up process with prospective clients…so you schedule more Initial Client Interviews, articulate your client value promise, and get hired in the first meeting.
  • Help clients focus on their “Personal Economy…Shift clients or prospective clients who are distracted by things that are out of their control (Stock market, investment performance, economic uncertainties, world chaos, politics, etc.) to achieve their financial goals.
  • Elevate your current clients…transition existing clients from investment management relationships to full-service financial planning.

After working with Bachrach & Associates, Inc. my annual recurring revenue per client is 40k, my business revenue is 650k and I take at least 4 weeks of vacation per year.

Neil B.

Since working with Bachrach & Associates I’ve acquired 7 Ideal Clients who pay my minimum predictable annual fee of $24,000 and generated an additional $152,000 in recurring revenue from AUM.

Debbie P.

The scripts are brilliant. So many times you’re talking to somebody or put in a situation where you’re just winging it. That’s not ideal for them and it’s not ideal for you.

Todd B.

What’s My Investment?

How much is it costing you to lose clients to cheaper options? How many potential clients are slipping through your fingers because you don’t close them on the initial meeting? How is future government regulations going to impact your business? Are your serving your current clients to the best of your ability?

Not having the AdvisorRoadmap™ program in your business may already be costing you Hundreds of Thousands of dollars!


Interactive Weekly lessons

Monthly webinars with Bill Bachrach

Scripts for exactly what to say

Advisor 24/7 FAQ database

Daily motivation and accountability

Advisor Forums

Total Value

$150.00 Value

$500.00 Value


$200.00 Value


$500.00 Value

$1500+/month ($18,000.00/year)

Special INTRODUCTORY Investment!

The AdvisorRoadmap™ contains the groundwork training for our Top 7-Figure coaching clients.

Every member of my in-person coaching program has leveraged the strategies and tactics in the AdvisorRoadmap™ training program to achieve their ideal Advice and Planning Business.

For a Limited Time, you have the opportunity to get the exact proven and repeatable systems used by many of the most profitable Advisors in the industry!

The Special Introductory Investment you see below will Not last long and will be going away Soon!


Annual Membership (Save $300)


12 Month Payment Plan





AdvisorRoadmap™ is $900/year or you have a 12-pay option at $100/month.

There is No Refund Policy.

This program is Not for every Financial Advisor.  Frankly, the most Advisors don’t qualify…

If you are on a tight budget…Lack the ability to focus…Complain about “Information Overload” as an excuse not Implement…Or  If you’re looking for the “Easy Button” to build a 7-Figure practice…

This is not your program.

However, If you invest in the program and you don’t make your full investment back in 60 Days, we will setup a one-on-one virtual session to help you get un-stuck.

Every lesson, strategy, and tactic has been proven in the real-world to generate clients, revenue and profit.  

Although I can’t guarantee your personal results, I know the information you will get access to, can double or triple your current results.

If you’re aggressively building your practice…

The AdvisorRoadmap™ will help accelerate your progress to attracting Ideal Clients, building your Ideal Business, for your Ideal Lifestyle!


High-Value Article Vault

High-Content Video Vault

Keynote speech videos

Advisor 24/7 FAQ database

Community of like-minded financial advisors

Preferred pricing on live workshops

Preferred pricing on accountability coaching


$100’s in Value

$1000’s in Value

$500 Value

$200 Value


Varies but savings can easily pay for your membership

Varies but savings can easily pay for your membership

$2000.00/month ($24,000.00/year)