We Buy Houses in [State]

No Realtor Fees

When a home is sold with a realtor in Utah, the seller is responsible for paying the realtor fees out of the proceeds of the closing.  Standard realtor fees are 6% of the purchase price. When we buy homes in Utah there are no realtor fees because we buy homes directly from sellers.

No Closing Costs

In today’s market it’s normal for sellers to pay the buyers conventional closing costs. These closing costs can be anywhere between 3-4% of the purchase price. When we buy houses in Utah, our offers include all of the sellers closing costs.

No Repairs

In a traditional sale, the potential buyer will schedule a detailed home inspection once the property goes under contract. The home inspectors job is to find everything that could possibly be wrong with the property. Next the potential buyer will ask the seller to make all of the repairs before they close. Sometimes the potential buyer will even back out all together. When we buy Utah properties, we buy them AS-IS so the seller doesn’t have to make a single repair.

No Long Waits For Financing

A conventional real estate transaction here in Utah can take anywhere between 30-60 days to close. The reason for this delay is that the seller must wait for the potential buyers financing. The seller is responsible for paying the holding costs that incur while waiting for the potential buyer to close. The holding costs that a seller should expect to pay are the mortgage payments, taxes and insurance. Also, if the buyers financing falls through, the seller is back to square one. When we buy homes in Utah, we pay with cash so we don’t have to wait for approval from our lender.

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