your customers at scale.

Help desk software, made more human

Ticket numbers, customer portals & robo-emails aren’t a great way to build trust. Help Scout makes every customer interaction a personalized one.

Everything in one place

Create multiple mailboxes for each shared email address so you can work seamlessly across departments, or manage several products/brands from a single account.

Love using your help desk

Help Scout’s collaboration features keep everyone on the same page. Happy and productive team members make for happy customers!

See who is viewing or replying in real-time

Categorize conversations or trigger automations

Two-click access to your most common responses

@mention users in notes to collaborate privately

Automate the grunt work

Keeping it personal doesn’t mean doing everything by hand. Get repeatable tasks out of the way with workflows: a simple automation system based on if/then logic.

Examples of what you can do with Workflows:

Reports keep your finger on the pulse

Measure team performance, spot trends to prevent issues, and monitor customer happiness … all without opening an Excel spreadsheet.

Build relationships, not barriers

Every customer has an auto-populated, editable profile including their entire history with your company. It can even sync with your CRM.

  • Integrate Live Chat

Help Scout seamlessly integrates with services like Olark and Snap Engage so that every chat is automatically stored in the customer’s profile.

  • Phone Calls & Voicemailst

50+ voicemail services are supported out of the box. Logging phone calls is quick and easy too.


  • Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Give your customers a voice. It’s the closest you can get to knowing your customer’s true feelings without hiring a telepath.

  • Traffic Cop

Duplicate replies are a thing of the past with traffic cop, the ultimate in collision detection.

  • @mentions

Loop multiple teammates into customer Conversations without assigning to them.

  • 75+ keyboard shortcuts

No mouse required! Help Scout can be used almost entirely via keyboard.

Useful integrations with your favorite products

Help Scout has 50+ Integrations you can plug directly into your existing workflow. You can also leverage our extensive developer tools.

A powerful help desk that fits in your pocket

Extend your help desk’s presence, and empower your team to collaborate anytime, anywhere. Help Scout for iPhone and Android keeps your finger (literally) on the pulse of customer support, and the conversation going with your customers.

Seehow GrabCad uses Help Scout to create a memorable costumer experience and built long-term relationship.

Level up your support with Plus

Help Scout Plus has all the same goodies you’ll love about Help Scout, but with advanced features to enhance reporting and people management.


Share the love (and workload) by delegating conversations to a team instead of a single person.

Custom Fields

Require custom fields to keep your reporting data squeaky clean, and keep your team running smoothly with more accurate automation.

Salesforce & Jira

Keep your sales and engineering teams in the know with useful Help Scout data in Salesforce and Jira.

Start your 15 day free trial

Better experience for your customers, fewer headaches for your team. You’ll be set up on the help desk in minutes.

Free training & 24-hour support

99.99% uptime the last 12 months


Serious about security & privacy

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